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The considerable thing about these uniquely printed Dye-Sublimation Custom Flags are they enable you to be as imaginative as you need and in the meantime use the same number of or as meager hues as you want at a similar cost. In examination, estimating for screen printed custom banners are dictated by the measure of hues you have so printing 5 hues will be more costly than 1. Color Sublimation wipes out that completely. 8000 hues costs as much as 1 shading . Additionally with Dye-Sublimation you can accomplish angles (blurring of hues) with no issue. Since we utilize 1 of just 50 machines in the whole world that prints this kind of Dye-Sublimation we can truly copy any picture!

Excellent for both open air and indoor applications, the materials we utilize are Dacron, Poly Poplin, Poly Duck and Satin-(indoor utilize as it were). These materials are the best and most solid substrates accessible available today for this procedure. The material begins white and afterward your picture is warm set into one side utilizing just the most astounding quality eco-accommodating UV ensured inks.This process changes the white Dacron into the shades of your plan. Since the exchange is just put on one side, you have a show through of the turn around picture on the back at around 60% . On a twofold sided banner or pennant the full picture shows up on the two sides.

advantages of dye-sublimation printing

Images will not peel or fade and are permanentImages will not peel or fade and are permanent

 Image can be printed all over the entire item all the way to the edge of the substrate

Colors are very vibrant because of the transparent dye bonding to the fibers

Dye has a very soft hand feel; does not have build up on the fabric


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